Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Great Northern Logistics Pty Ltd understands that Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) is an integral part of our business operations and confirm that no business priorities of the company will supersede our requirement to provide a safe place of work, free of known health hazards.

We commit to observe and fulfil the legislative and statutory OH&S obligations relevant to our operations, and to utilise our company policies and procedures to further support this commitment.

Our company understands the principle of “Duty of Care” and confirms ongoing commitment, as an employer, to that principle. Similarly, it understands that employees and sub-contractors also have that “Duty of Care” towards each other, towards the Company and most importantly, towards themselves.

Great Northern Logistics Pty Ltd expects all employees, contractors and sub-contractors to be responsible and accountable for their own actions; to report unsafe working conditions and/or actions; and to behave in a manner that reflects the safe work practices and standards that this Company upholds.

We encourage our employees and other workers to be active in identifying potential hazards and communicating changes in the workplace to assist us to minimise exposure to any risks and hazards that may arise.

We commit to safeguard the health and safety of our people, with our management team and employees actively involved in the planning and implementation of OH&S procedures and initiatives.

Our company firmly believes that all accidents and injuries are preventable and that, with the appropriate policies, procedures, training and support in place, our goal of zero lost time injuries is achievable.

As an organisation, we will continually improve our OH&S systems and processes by regularly assessing our business activities, establishing measurable objectives for improvement, remaining abreast of industry best practice and implementing beneficial changes as and when required.

Quality Policy Statement

Great Northern Logistics activities include Waste Management, Plant hire, Labour hire, Scaffolding & Temporary Fence hire.

An increasingly competitive marketplace requires both an interactive & proactive commitment to meeting the requirements of the client through continual improvement and enhanced efficiency. There is the need to plan and control the quality of the company’s management and activity processes to achieve this client satisfaction by working to an assured level of quality.

To achieve this objective our management team at Great Northern Logistics strive to achieve a quality assurance system based on the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Whilst the final responsibility for the company’s operations and quality rests with the Directors, we cannot achieve its objectives without the involvement of each individual taking responsibility for the quality of their own work. Adherence to company procedures will ensure that quality goals are met and should problems arise, they are resolved promptly and in a manner that will prevent recurrence.

The procedures used in our system are kept under review and techniques improved whenever and wherever necessary. A philosophy of continuous improvement has been adopted by the team here at Great Northern Logistics to ensure our quality system will be a continuously evolving programme and one which is relevant to our organisational aims and goals as well as meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

The attainment of these quality goals requires strong and responsive management and a united commitment from all staff. The outcome will be a respected reputation for the quality of our work and a rewarding place in which to work. As a consequence of their individual responsibility for quality, all personnel are required to participate in, and contribute to, activity plans for quality maintenance and improvement. Quality awareness will be encouraged through training and education where necessary to supplement managerial and vocational skills.


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