About Great Northern Logistics


I am proud to introduce Great Northern Logistics as a full service Logistics Company based in Broome servicing the Pilbara and Kimberley regions. I started this company after many years of experiencing frustrations with the lack of reliability of the logistics industry. On many occasions the nature of the service provided resulted in not only added cost to work but also contributed to schedule issues which in many respects have a more detrimental effect on projects.

In 2014 I was fortunate enough to be able to commence Great Northern Logistics. The overarching aim of the company is to change the way industry is supported in the region through the delivery of quality services with the benefit of local experience and expertise. Today Great Northern logistics provides skip bin hire, scaffold, temporary fencing hire, plant hire and the collection of Controlled Waste & Dangerous Goods such as sewage.

Great Northern Logistics is a part of the H&M Tracey group of companies, with over 52 direct employees. As a majority indigenous owned company, with Supply Nation accreditation, we boast over 20 indigenous employees. We are proud of the fact that we have trained over 12 indigenous apprentices which remain with the company to this day.

As a locally based company, with all decision making done in the region, we have the ability to respond to market conditions quickly. Our expanding fleet is a representation of confidence which the market has placed in the service we provide.

I along with everyone at Great Northern Logistics and the broader H&M Tracey group of companies are proud to be able bring quality services to the region and look forward to our continued work with valued clients.

Vision and Values

We push to become a leading Logistics business in the North West that delivers full client value in waste solutions. We consider safety as our primary focus in delivering work and ensure that all staff return home in the same way they started the day. Our vision is to be an industry leader through the delivery of the highest quality of work and a commitment to:


This commitment flows through all H&M Tracey Group companies and is supported through leadership at all levels within the business.

Integrated Management System

Great Northern Logistics has adopted an integrated Management System that is aligned to ISO9001 (quality), AS/NZS4801 (safety), ISO14001 (Environment) and client requirements. This system has been integrated with all areas of the business to ensure consistency between each employee and each body of work.

The Health, Safety and Environmental management system is structured in three levels

  • Vision and values statement
  • HSE policy
  • Corporate HSE Management Plan
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Quality Policy Statement
  • Company systems
  • Project procedures
  • Risk assessments
  • Client specific plans

Local Industry Participation

Great Northern Logistics is committed to provide full, fair and reasonable opportunities for Indigenous and local industry to participate in the provision of goods, equipment and services to projects.

Great Northern Logistics will ensure that opportunities to maximise Indigenous and local industry participation, job creation, skill development, and regional development are provided in all our activities and that we actively support and promote local communities and Indigenous communities as a natural part of our business.

Specifically Great Northern Logistics commits to:

  • Achieving minimum procurement of goods, labour, materials and services from indigenous and local manufacturers and suppliers where these are competitive as to price, specification and quality
  • Appropriate design and procurement strategies which ensure the equitable and timely provision of information potential indigenous and local suppliers
  • The use of Australian Standards in design of procurement processes
  • The assessment and selection of Indigenous and local suppliers on the most competitive basis which includes consideration of whole of life cost factors
  • Provision of opportunities for Indigenous, local and broader Australian based industry to contribute to whole of life contract outcomes
  • The measurement and reporting of Indigenous and local industry participation, and the provision of feedback from the contract on the performance of indigenous and local industry in the procurement processes

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